Достойная замена Олега Табакова? Владимир Машков высказался о новом худруке МХТ
Became known, who will head the theatre after the death of National artist.

Sergei Zhenovach


The top secret in the media leaked information about what was chosen as the new artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theater. Place of Oleg Tabakov will take Sergei Zhenovach, who worked in a similar position in the Studio of theatrical art. Later this information was confirmed in the Ministry of culture.

In the theatre I hope that Zhenovach will be able to maintain the traditions and continue “business” Tabakov. He promised to keep in the repertoire for all performances, conceived by Oleg Pavlovich. His appointment has already spoken of the artists, working under the direction of Oleg Pavlovich. “I think we have a time of unity, we all need to help Sergei in this difficult case. We must be careful and consistent as we wanted, I think that Sergei will succeed — most importantly, it is the inner desire. I think it is very difficult myself now to hear”, — quotes Vladimir RIA. The Zhenovach will begin work on April 23 (41 days after the death of Oleg Tabakov).

By the way, most Mashkov was asked to lead the “Snuff”, but the artist has not given any consent or waiver, moreover, was not even called an approximate time frame for reflection. Many influential cultural figures spoke positively about the proposed “change” of Oleg Pavlovich. While there were those who refers to the fact that the Zhenovach Moscow art theatre will lead with caution. Film critic David shneyderov worried that the appointment of Sergei could trigger a split in the troupe. This happens, from his point of view, if he “will bring to Moscow art theater actors”.