A woman who abused the child, check into a mental hospital

Женщину, которая издевалась над ребенком, проверят в психбольнице On the day on the web with lightning speed spread shot, which shows that the young mother feeds her child with a toy store for adults. This excited the public. Caring rang all the bells to draw the attention of bodies of guardianship and guardianship.
Женщину, которая издевалась над ребенком, проверят в психбольнице

As it turned out, the woman was taken to the examination in a psychiatric hospital. Followers informed about what mental disorder she has been there before. She could leave the stroller with a child on the street and I step out to take a picture. The woman calls the boy with two names – Maksim and Bark. 29-year-old Muscovite said that sometimes doubts that this is her child, as it’s not like either her or one of the alleged fathers. Catherine admitted that does not know exactly who is the dad of the boy who was born in early January.

Женщину, которая издевалась над ребенком, проверят в психбольнице

The journalists ‘ questions about why she was put in the mouth of the child item from the adult store, a young mother told me that silicone things calm the baby.

However, the public insists that Catherine was deprived of parental rights. They even created a petition addressed to the head of Department of social protection Elena Filippova.

“A cry for help! The woman with obvious disorder puts in the mouth of your child different objects in the condom and drops it on the floor. Please do not stay indifferent! All we know – live in Moscow. Near the station Mendeleev,” says the petition.
Женщину, которая издевалась над ребенком, проверят в психбольнице

Representatives of the investigative Committee of Russia and the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship authority examined living conditions of the mother and the baby.

Meanwhile, Catherine started to slack off on the Internet. Netizens did not hold back emotion, to convey what I feel towards this situation. Some even allow myself swearing at the women.

“I as a mom just can’t pass up, after seeing the terrified. I had to relive a little angel from inadequate mothers who abused a child! Yes, the four child stroller and 100 packs of baby food, but the mother without a brain”, “it almost made Me shudder! God, where the world is heading, what kind of degradation. Horror”, “I am a mother myself, and with a shudder I watched the video and read about this terrible story! I would tear off your hands! And the head, probably, too. To mock his own child, that someone have to be? Or nowadays, it is now the norm? Not only that, to mock, and to spread it in social networks. It’s all for the popularity is the rush?!” – didn’t understand netizens.

Many celebrities also could not stay away. Ksenia Borodina, Svetlana Anokhina, Daria Pynzar and Alain Vodonaeva, which are themselves raising children, was shocked by what I saw in the pictures. They said that such behavior of the parents is unacceptable, and therefore even could not believe that this could happen in real life.