Известный блогер назвала Глюк'оZу ссыльной женой The post singer about the secret of a happy life with her husband caused a heated debate on the Network. In this Gluk’oza told that a truly happy marriage, despite the busy schedule of her husband. Popular wearer “Live Journal” questioned the validity of such a relationship.

      A recent post Glyuk’ozy what is the secret of harmony in married life, caused heated discussions on the Internet. “The key to a happy marriage, I think that the two self-sufficient person, with his occupation, the goal of maximum employment. And then the feeling that all the time miss! A vacation is just not come off from each other,” said the singer in his Instagram.

      Publication celebrities provoked a strong response from the blogger Lena Miro. She found that the relationship which describes Gluk’oza, far from the real thing. According to women, when a husband and wife rarely see each other, it means that the man has a mistress that he spends his time and money. In his “Live journal” blogger criticized this model the behavior of the spouses. She believes that the most important thing in marriage is a daily concern for another human being and of the shoulder that is always there. Them, writes the Internet-the celebrity, will not replace no negotiations via Skype.

      Post in “Live Journal” aroused heated discussion among Internet users. They shared their opinions on the topic of what is the success secret of a happy marriage. According to many, the main thing is love to his companion. “For me it is, first and foremost, mutual trust, shared dreams, love, and support,” “In true love, affection and care, to make each other better. The sincerity and interest”, “Common interests”, When one can’t sleep”, “In separate accommodation, because men and women need to once in a week to Wake up-one, In friendship, love and passion,” wrote in the comments to blog entries.

      Recall that Gluk’oza happily married to businessman Alexander Chistyakov, 2006. Together they have two charming daughters — 9-year-old Lydia and four-year-old Faith. This year the artist celebrated 10 years of married life with Chistyakov. To congratulate the couple came to their family and friends, including Ksenia Sobchak and Leonid Agutin, Victor Drobysh, Keti Topuria, Maxim Fadeev, Svetlana Loboda, Elena Perminova, Olga Seryabkina, and many others. In social networks, the actress has repeatedly admitted his love to his chosen one. “My main achievement is my family, happy and interested in all children, a husband who loves me” — shared Gluk’oza subscribers.

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