A wedding without a marriage: how not to overpay, getting ready for the celebration

Свадьба без брака: как не переплатить, готовясь к торжеству The feast of Red hill, which this year is celebrated on the 15th of April, opens the season of weddings. It is believed that the family created this day will be a happy, United and strong.
Свадьба без брака: как не переплатить, готовясь к торжеству

The owner of the Agency Svadberry Anna Goroga said “StarHit” about what pitfalls you need to remember, preparing for the most important thing in the life of the celebration, to avoid extra expenses.


Entourage place for a holiday is very important. But besides this, it is necessary to consider different nuances. For example, if you plan to mention noisy, with lots of musical equipment, find out first whether there is enough power grid to supply current to the necessary equipment. Specify if the restaurant rule of “Loud music till 23.00 only”. Often this becomes clear already in the day of the wedding, while the bride and groom had to pay the DJ and musicians work up in the morning. The same applies to the salute: not all restaurants are ready to provide you platform for the fireworks. Plan to invite artists – provide a place for the dressing room. If the institution is no scene, it is necessary to resort to renting. The presence of the podium, visually makes the event more luxurious and entertaining. If you celebrate in the hot season and want to save money, ask the Manager of the restaurant, will celebrate the wedding before and after you to negotiate with the other couples on the scene.

Свадьба без брака: как не переплатить, готовясь к торжеству


If it is not possible to buy an expensive dress, it is better to take it out is very beneficial because you will not have to pay for the dry cleaning. Outfit the bride has brought otvarennym. Also you shouldn’t shell out for the decoration of the celebration of exceptionally vivid colors, you will be much more expensive. It will be cheaper to rent the necessary number of plants and their zamiksovat thirty percent live buds. For example, the “presidency” of the newlyweds, of course, it is better to do with flowers, but “heel” may be faux.

Свадьба без брака: как не переплатить, готовясь к торжеству


In the lease contract be sure to specify the vehicle’s license plate. Often in the season of the fleets of sin that send newlyweds another car, similar to the one that they chose, but, for example, with a ragged interior. Without plates in the contract you can’t prove anything. Also remember that at the time of the filing plus another hour for waiting. That is, if you plan to ride on cars from 17.00 to 19.00, you’ll have to pay for three hours, because the car will arrive by 16.00. It is normal practice.


The buffet part of the cost where you can save. Fruits, berries and sparkling enough. Strong drinks are better at the buffet is not offered, they can negatively affect the status of a guest. Ask the waiters to pour champagne as empty glasses, and not in advance, as they often do, why the wine cools down and fizzles out. Besides, it helps to avoid cost overruns. But hot is better not to save: if you know that the event will last past midnight, to serve food only salads and sausage ugly. Of course, the ideal would be if you have to negotiate with the restaurant to bring on holiday your drinks, it will greatly reduce the cost. In advance ask your administrator to provide speakers for your wedding artists cheap Lunches, not to feed their food for the guests, which usually is not cheap. Don’t hesitate to remind you of the lunch boxes, so you can take the remaining snacks.

Свадьба без брака: как не переплатить, готовясь к торжеству


The climate in Russia is unpredictable, and it is necessary to consider, if you celebrate under the open sky. It might rain, and in the evening guests and all will probably be chilly. In order to avoid this, purchase the simplest blankets. They can embroider the initials of the newlyweds and leave the guests to remember.


Invite him to the hour of the day when you are ready – made up, dressed and combed. It makes no sense to pay for the person’s time, so he waited until you amarateca. This error very often make a bride. Also be sure to negotiate with the photographer the terms of delivery of images to you then be surprised by the fact that you get them only in six months.

Свадьба без брака: как не переплатить, готовясь к торжеству


Almost all brides and grooms are sure that the presenter himself is writing the script for the wedding. This is not so. Similarly, by the writer. Want to save money you pre-negotiate this issue with the lead, then it is not required for the writing of the script an additional cost.


Even if you save on the Agency, it is not necessary to spare money for wedding coordinators, so you can relax and nothing to think. They will make sure that the photographer was on time and the restaurant everything was ready for your arrival meet the car and will make sure the waiters. In General, ensure the triumph at the highest level!