Способ заглянуть в будущее существует

To see the results of repair in the apartment or house until the end is not so easy — designers often provide clients with regular drawings or drawings, so for many it remains a mystery how it will look in the room. Domoff Interiors offers its customers to look into the future and to see what will be your home, apartment or office! We launched a 3D visualization and now the development of each project begins with her.

That gives 3D technology

Professional interior design allows to take into account even the smallest detail, to assess the overall picture and make the necessary adjustments and to avoid additional costs that may be required for alteration.

3D interior design from conventional, two-dimensional, characterized in that the image is an exact copy of the house or apartment, even if they are in the construction phase. The decor in the room is transferred to the smallest details — you can even see the texture of the finish. If necessary, the project can be changed at any time developed.

In the design used only the items on the market — furniture, appliances, lighting, systems engineering, etc. the same applies to finishing materials. This approach reduces the maximum time of procurement and accelerates the repair.

Interestingly, today, order three-dimensional visualization, it is possible for directory of companies engaged in the sale or lease of real estate. This method helps you to attract potential customers.

Three-dimensional design is a good way to avoid possible errors and rework, as well as to arrange housing so that feel as comfortable as possible.

Source: website domoff-interiors.ru