A veteran of the Russian hockey Viktor Tolmachev was brutally murdered daughter

Ветеран российского хоккея Виктор Толмачев был зверски убит дочерью The incident occurred in the apartment of the athlete. According to some, the successor of the hockey player lived at his expense and didn’t work. The investigators found that the crime was committed over a month ago. Tolmacheva called the predecessor Vladislav Tretiak.
Ветеран российского хоккея Виктор Толмачев был зверски убит дочерью

Hockey player, Victor Tolmachev was found dead on 24 September 2017. The athlete suddenly stopped communicating with relatives. The first alarm sounded, the former wife of the man, she went to the police.

Operatives arrived at the place of residence Tolmachev, found in the apartment of the daughter of a hockey player. The woman said that the father went to the Ukraine, so no one was contacted several days. However during the inspection the premises was found the body of sports stars, which was lying on the sofa, wrapped in a tarp.

“She managed a few weeks to hide the death of his father, – said the source. – Sometimes called the family to inquire about his health. The daughter claimed that he left Moscow for treatment. And all this time she lived in the apartment with the body of the killed”, – told the law enforcement officer.

The daughter of a 78-year-old pensioner inflicted seven stab wounds. She pleaded guilty and confirmed that he wanted to get rid of the body, but are unable to figure out how to do it.

Now the woman is in custody. According to police, the daughter Tolmacheva worked and lived in a Studio apartment father. She often clashed with his father, and in the heat of another argument committed the crime.

Victor Tolmachev played for hockey club CSKA Moscow from 1963 to 1969. The team he has five times won the USSR championship three times and the Cup of the Soviet Union. After the departure of the athlete from the team of the goalkeeper of the team was Vladislav Tretiak.

According to colleagues Tolmachev, in recent years, he led a reclusive lifestyle, rarely attended club events. Many friends of hockey were not even aware of the serious problems in his family.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” managed to connect with Boris Mikhailov, who played several years with an Tolmachev in the team CSKA. The eightfold world champion in ice hockey was shocked by the news of the murder of a comrade.

“I’m with Viktor Egorovich ten years did not communicate. Honestly, I had no idea that he had in the house this is happening,” admitted Boris Mikhailov.