Подозреваемого в краже сотен миллионов у Табакова задержали в Риге Volosevich Ilya was arrested after verification of documents. According to law enforcement officials, the man was in a criminal group that embezzled the funds of the depositors of the Bank “Client”. The head of the credit organization Andrey Lopativ have not yet been detained.
Подозреваемого в краже сотен миллионов у Табакова задержали в Риге

As it became known to journalists, the former Vice-Chairman of Board of Bank “Client” Ilya Volosevich was arrested in Riga last week. The man was detained immediately after he arrived at the local airport. When Volosevich checked the documents, it turned out that he was listed in the database of Interpol of the Russian request. During the inspection of ex-employee of the credit institution found about four thousand Euro in cash.

According to sources, the correspondents, Volosevich have a residence permit in Latvia. This may increase the time during which it considered the extradition request suspected of committing a crime.

According to law enforcement officials, the detainee was a member of an organized group, spends the money of depositors “Client”. The damage is estimated in excess of one billion. As it turned out during the investigation, the criminals withdraw funds under the pretext of issuing loans to individuals. Fraudsters have designed the loans, using the passport data of persons who were not customers of the organization. About two years ago, the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) has begun to submit claims to the unsuspecting “debtors” in the amount of from four to 300 million rubles.

Earlier in this case was detained former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank “Client” the Alexander District. As reported to journalists by the law enforcement sources, he was arrested in Moscow after a routine examination and was charged under article 160 of the RF criminal code (embezzlement). The court ruled to place the District under house arrest.

Co-owner and head of the Bank’s “Client” was a famous basketball player Andrei Lopativ. Now he, too, is wanted. The number of victims in high-profile case Oleg Tabakov Nikolay Domaracki, Vice-President of Federation of field hockey. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, they have lost hundreds of millions of rubles. As suggested by law enforcement authorities, credit organizations attracted VIP customers at high interest rates.

Recall that now the Oleg Tabakov is in the hospital. The media regularly appear contradictory data on the status of a famous actor and Director. According to some, tobacco allegedly never to return to the scene due to severe health problems. Journalists reported that underweight body celebrity may not withstand severe loads. Close Tabakov prefer to refrain from comments about his health.