A suspect in the death of “drunken” boy Olga beneficial revealed new details

Подозреваемая в гибели «пьяного» мальчика Ольга Алисова раскрыла новые детали Woman “shifted” part of the blame on a stranger. As it became known to journalists, Olga beneficial thrice testified, however, once she had a lawyer ever appeared unknown important details.
Подозреваемая в гибели «пьяного» мальчика Ольга Алисова раскрыла новые детали

Since April there is always a discussion of resonant road accident in Balashikha, Olga alisova knocked six-year-old Alex Shimko. After that examination was conducted, which yielded shocking results – at the conclusion the boy was drunk. Now, the baby’s father tries to seek justice, and the lady who was behind the wheel, waiting for the court decision. To it threatens till five years of imprisonment. The father of the deceased Alyosha Shimko announced the results of a new assessment

At the disposal of journalists turned out to be three versions of the testimony of Alisovoy. The woman regained the events that took place on April 23. According to her, when she went in the yard, I felt under the vehicle with an obstacle. She couldn’t understand what it could be, but hastened to slow down. After stopping Olga saw an elderly man who cried and demanded that she handed back.

“I stopped after the old man seeing the situation from behind, shouted to me: “Wait.” Then I jumped out of the car and rushed to see what happened. I saw a little boy at the back right wheel of my car. What I needed to take back, I didn’t understand until now”, said beneficial.
Подозреваемая в гибели «пьяного» мальчика Ольга Алисова раскрыла новые детали

However, these indications are somewhat different from those she gave when she didn’t have a lawyer. The woman claimed to have felt strong blow in the front part of the body. She pressed on the brakes, but did not remember what distance the vehicle has been driven since the collision.

Подозреваемая в гибели «пьяного» мальчика Ольга Алисова раскрыла новые детали“I immediately ran out of the car and saw an elderly man, who quickly fled to my car, while loudly swore. I approached the rear of his car and saw a little boy lying near the back right wheel, at a distance of about 50-70 cm. I realized that made arrival and ran to the boy, who was lying on his back with his head to the side rear of my car and legs in the opposite direction.

First alisova claimed that after the incident, she reported the incident to the ambulance and later told about the phone call mate, Arthur, who lived nearby. Also to the edition “the Newspaper.ru” it became known – Olga wanted to apologize to the family Shimko, however, feared violence, as social networks began a real persecution. The case of the dead in the accident “drunken” boy took a new turn st