A surprise for the President: what has become of “live” gifts of Vladimir Putin

Сюрприз для президента: что стало с «живыми» подарками Владимира Путина Today the head of the Russian Federation marks 64 years. “StarHit” learned how the animals live, which in different years were given to Vladimir Putin. Presidential tigress from Noumea now to find a fiancé, and for the leopards in the Caucasus are watching via satellite.

      Сюрприз для президента: что стало с «живыми» подарками Владимира Путина

      Today, October 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrates its birthday. The head of state turned 64. Every birthday colleagues and friends try to surprise Vladimir Putin original gift Among the many gifts which were received by the head of the Russian Federation, there are also animals: a tiger, a leopard, a horse and other animals. “StarHit” learned how the animals live, which gave Vladimir Putin for all the time he is in power.

      Tigress Mashenka

      Сюрприз для президента: что стало с «живыми» подарками Владимира Путина

      In October 2008, Putin presented a two-month cub. Who made the original gift, Mr Putin left a secret. The first time the predator lived in the residence in Novo-Ogaryovo. But soon she had to move to Safari Park in Gelendzhik.

      “Masha living with us for 8 years. She looks model. In the Park 12 tigers, but she is the most beautiful, − has told “StarHit” vet Safari Park Elena Peretokin. − Likes to lie by the pool overlooking the Bay, and closing his eyes, breathing in the sea air. We are now looking for her groom. I have no doubt that Mary will be a great mom. And while her closest friends – tigress Kasia and Klepa. We like to have them “surprises” − let the pool of live fish or Packed Breakfast box. Like cats they trying to get, when you realize that it is not their size, tearing the cardboard and play with him, bathe in the pool, take each other”.

      Mini pony Vadik

      Сюрприз для президента: что стало с «живыми» подарками Владимира Путина

      The animal was a gift to the President in August 2005 when he came to the celebration of the Millennium of Kazan city. “I was responsible for a series of meetings of leaders of the CIS countries, could not think of anything better than dances of the peoples of the Commonwealth, says “StarHit” the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin. But he knew – all he had seen. Need a highlight. At the opening of the equestrian complex, where Putin came, I accidentally found out that there are mini horses − they are tall with a shepherd, a day eat a Cup of oats, one Apple, drink a litre of water and can live in the apartment. I could not believe my ears, but terribly interested. Decided to give the animal Putin. He smiled, truly happy gift. Vadik was sent to live somewhere closer to Sochi. When it drove, it was a funny story. He flew the special flight that met my colleagues. Tell you what, when the ladder fell and left this miracle, they watched, and one of them said, “You see this too or we are both overheated in the sun? The horse did not like, but not a dog. Like a donkey, but small. In General, the surprise was a success!”

      Leopards Alous and General

      Сюрприз для президента: что стало с «живыми» подарками Владимира Путина

      The President of Turkmenistan in September 2010, Putin presented a rare Persian leopard. “The alous and General living in a recovery Center in the Caucasus, − said the head of the Sochi Park Umar Semenov. From Iran they brought five friends, from which there were 10 calves, some of them released into the wild. Kid named Thunder, him during one of his visits was holding Putin has sent to look for the love in Paris – now he’s in the Park cats.”

      Сюрприз для президента: что стало с «живыми» подарками Владимира Путина

      Predators have almost no contact with people − the employees of the Centre try to keep their natural instincts. Twice a week they get live food, such as deer, wolves. For leopards wearing collars with satellite navigation, so the employees every minute can track their movements on the monitor.

      Horse Sirdar

      Arabian horse named Sirdar Vladimir Putin in 2001 gave the Emir of Abu Dhabi. Now 18-year-old stallion contains at Tersk stud farm.

      “Sirdar – quiet, well-mannered, loves children, − says the “StarHit” the main zoologist of the plant Olga Biryukova. Twice took second place in beauty contests. During the competition we don’t say to the jury that it was the horse of the President to compromise. But wishing to be photographed with a horse – on the contrary. We have somehow been Boris Gryzlov, through him we passed from Sirdar Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Hope came!”