Спин-офф «Звездных войн» переснимут из-за недовольства Disney

Because of dissatisfaction with the Studio executives of Disney’s first spin-off of “Star wars” will be partially photographed this summer. This publication reports Page Six, citing its own sources. According to representatives of Studio, some of the scenes that took Gareth Edwards, will not appeal to fans of the franchise.

It is reported that new, unplanned shooting will take place during the month and will cost the Studio a pretty penny in the round. However, the world premiere, scheduled for December this year, is not tolerated.
Journalists, citing insiders, reported that Edwards was defending his work to the end, however, Studio executives were very persistent, especially because this situation was foreseen, and actors are warned in advance that filming can be delayed.
Recall that tape, dubbed “Rogue-One. Star Wars: Stories” will be the first of the three films. The second and third film will be released on screen in 2018 and 2020, respectively.

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