A special children’s garden: details of the education of the son of Zhanna Friske

Специальный детский сад: подробности воспитания сына Жанны Фриске
Dmitry Shepelev told about how grows a little Plato.

Dmitry Shepelev and son Platon

Photo: @Instagram dmitryshepelev Dmitry Shepelev

Almost two years ago on the shoulders of Dmitry Shepelev put a tremendous responsibility. After the death of his common-law wife, singer Jeanne Friske, it went all the worries associated with raising their son Plato. Since then, the broadcaster proved himself a very attentive father: he carefully protects the boy from unnecessary media attention, leads to different sections, and, as it became known the other day, paying special attention to the fact that Plato grew tolerant boy.

Talking about the features of the education of young Plato came to the presentation of the book Natalia Remix “Children about important. About Dima and others. How to talk about difficult topics”. Dmitry, along with the assembled mothers discussed the importance of development in children of such human qualities as tolerance.

As told the seven dwarfs to four-year son had no barrier in communication with children is great, whether it be nationality, skin color, or physical development, he goes to special tricks. For example, he gave his son in “the Hebrew kindergarten” and hired a teacher with dark skin.

“What was done to me to raise a tolerant child? I primarily gave it to the Jewish kindergarten — even learning patience from birth. Also I asked for a child of a black English teacher. Also, in order to avoid the questions of why people are different… what our children think about the world largely depends on us. And the labels that we hang on the world and on people, it all flies from our lips. It depends on us how children will perceive this world. Tolerant should be first and foremost to us!” said Shepelev.