Источник говорит: Дженнифер Энистон потрясена новым романом Джастина Теру

In the network appeared the photographs, which show Justin Theroux and actress Aubrey Plaza. According to sources, they spent the day together and then went to the girl’s home. Here opinions are divided — some argue that this is just a friendly meeting, others are convinced that this new novel actor. Insiders report that the ex-wife of Theroux, Jennifer aniston news photos and they were shocked.

Источник говорит: Дженнифер Энистон потрясена новым романом Джастина Теру

“Jennifer was amazed to see photos of Justin and Aubrey. Despite the fact that she bravely endures a break up, it hurt to see him in the company of young girls, especially so soon after a breakup. She doesn’t think they’re Dating, and yet knows all the ways Theroux and I’m sure he was flirting and enjoying the attention,” — said sources close to Jennifer.

Earlier it was reported that the divorced 49-year-old Jennifer aniston and 46-year-old Justin Theroux is quite peaceful, the stars moved to different cities and living quietly, doing their daily business. Insiders report that at the moment, Theroux searches for the consistency he could find in Aubrey.

Источник говорит: Дженнифер Энистон потрясена новым романом Джастина Теру
“He just does his own thing. Eating at the same time, goes to the same places, spending time with the same people,” – said the insider.

Cope with life without his former lover actor helps friends, one of whom is a restaurateur Carlos Quirarte. He recently revealed on his page in Instagram as resting together with Theroux and company. “The life of Justin in new York is very different from his life in Los Angeles when he and Jen were together,” shared the information with journalists from other insider.

“They don’t look back. Now they are engaged in the resolution of financial issues, and I hope soon to solve them,” — told earlier by another insider. He added that Jennifer and Justin decided to move forward and each of them returned to his normal life.

“Justin lives in new York and is engaged in that did the last few months: meeting with friends over a Cup of coffee, go to classes in Boxing, walking the dog and riding around town on a bike. He really enjoys his simple life in the city,” — said the source.

Jennifer, according to him, living, as before, in Los Angeles and continues to live a healthy lifestyle.

“She does yoga at home in private, meets with friends, goes to birthday parties, doing face masks every week and having lunch at your favorite restaurant. On Sunday she has dinner with her friend Courtney Cox. She’s doing great and soon will finally come to his senses. In her life so many wonderful people who support it and whom she considers family,” he added.