Источник говорит: Джейми Фокс заявил, что одинок

A novel 51-year-old Jamie Fox and 40-year-old Katie Holmes in the dark. Stars noticed together at parties, gossip about their breakup. This time the information proves the second, but whether you believe the insiders?

In the night from Sunday to Monday Jamie visited a few parties. At the annual Oscar party Byron Allen, in a conversation about couples and relationships, the actor said he was lonely. This is despite the fact that he is credited with an affair with Katie Holmes since 2013!

Later, the actor went for an annual party dedicated to the Oscar, which arranged the publication of Vanity Fair. it appeared the nominees, the winners and all those who could not attend the main event. There Jamie reiterated that alone. There noticed him flirting with the star of the series “Gossip girl” Jessica Zor.

Five years Katie and Jamie tried to hide his affair from the public. Recently, the couple went to enjoy the sun on a private yacht. Nothing embarrassed a couple vacationing: sunbathing, reading books and sipping cool drinks. Later the pair joined friends!

Recall that Jamie and Katie loved to please each other nice gifts. Previously, Fox has created a unique perfume which was presented to his sweetheart. The smell is not to compare with anything, because he’s special. The perfume mixed smell, which, in the opinion of the artist, more suited Katie. On the portal Page Six said the head of the company Scenterprises sue Phillips, producer copyright perfumes in new York.

As Phillips said, the story is not over. After Jamie visited them herself Katie, who was delighted with the gift and also decided to please his beloved. “She came to us, and we had a very nice individual counseling. And then I asked her to create something special for Suri and Jamie, and she agreed,” sue said portal Page Six.

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