Простое руководство по стилям интерьера

To understand the styles of design quite difficult, because today there are many varieties of them, some leave, others develop into new, and designers-ask your transitory design trends that transform into new style trends.

Простое руководство по стилям интерьера

When you initiate a repair, the designer first asks you the question: “what style do you plan your interior”? The logical answer: “what are they?”. Today we will try in simple words with Elena Krylova — interior designer and lecturer at the International School of Design is to understand the stylistic trends of the example projects.

Of course, the following list of styles is not definitive. We consider only common today.

Простое руководство по стилям интерьера

Modern style

Modern interior design is similar with minimalist. The focus is the functionality of the interior. It is characterized by clean lines, decorative elements almost invisible, and accessories kept to a minimum. Modern space often has a neutral color palette, glossy surface, distinct geometric shapes and asymmetry.

Find some modern design too harsh or cold, but others on the contrary, I think it’s calming and able to maximize a small space.

Простое руководство по стилям интерьера


Interior trim, minimalist design can be labeled with the phrase: “less is more”. It is characterized by simple geometric forms, a small number of patterns, simple materials, preklicano textures. In this interior the main emphasis is on the quality of the existing space, not the objects that fill it. Minimalism is ideal for large open spaces with natural light and fitted storage.

Простое руководство по стилям интерьера

Classic style

Order, symmetry and balance are key elements of a classic interior design. A classic space is often built around a focal point, such as a bed or a fireplace. In addition to the symmetry, the classic design is characterized by natural colors, fine fabrics and natural materials: wood, stone, metal.

Простое руководство по стилям интерьера


Loft design blurs the line between domestic and industrial design. Concrete floors, beams, metal parts, brick, worn surfaces — all characteristics of the loft. Unique, non-functional objects (at least from the point of view of the living space) are often used as decoration to create a distinct look that is both modern and Bohemian. The interiors in the loft style characteristic of open spaces with high ceilings. It’s hard to write a real loft in a small apartment, but its individual elements — no problem.

Простое руководство по стилям интерьера

Art Deco

The style of art Deco is now at the peak of popularity. Today it is known for its lacquered wood, restrained color, lots of metal and bright accents. Style furniture, art Deco has a streamlined shape with glossy geometric elements. In the interior of the art Deco particular importance is the lighting. Ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps — all used in tandem, supporting and complementing each other with their unusual forms.

Простое руководство по стилям интерьера

Retro style

“Everything new is well forgotten old”. This is the philosophy of retro design, which gives the old style a modern twist. In this style of classic and modern mixed to create totally unique and individual space. Retro design elements can include materials, forms, items, or colors — something from the past that can be revived in an eclectic space of the present time.

Простое руководство по стилям интерьера


This style takes you into the atmosphere of a country house. If you like to look for interesting things at flea markets or antique stores, then this style is for you. Rustic furniture, decorative trinkets, handmade, independent DIY creativity — all characteristics of country style.

To live in the interior of the country is cozy and comfortable, but sometimes he is too full of details, so it is hardly suitable for a small space.

Простое руководство по стилям интерьера


Frankly, the Rococo style is not for everyone. It returns us to the European interiors in the 18th century, where a complex and rich decoration of the house showed the status of the owner. There are a lot of gold, monogram, mirror, natural carved wood, rich fabrics, curved lines.

Простое руководство по стилям интерьера


Eclecticism is the salvation indecisive designers. As the name implies, it is a comprehensive approach to decor that borrows elements from other styles. But it is a mistake to think that the design in eclectic style is just a mixture of everything. Eclectic interior design surprises with unexpected contrasts, a mix of patterns, textures and colors, but visually the interior still has to look unified and harmonious. To create an interior in an eclectic style may be the only person with a delicate taste.

Of course, it’s not all interior styles that are popular today. But they have to show that the development of interior design allows to create new directions, original combination, unusual approaches. However, the main, anyway, was, and remains, the functionality of the interiors.

Thank you for the illustrations and comments of the interior designer Elena Krylov.

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