A sham marriage? Husband of Anna Netrebko has been married to 70-year-old Italian

Фиктивный брак? Муж Анны Нетребко был женат на 70-летней итальянке
It became known about the first wife of Yusif Eyvazov.

Фиктивный брак? Муж Анны Нетребко был женат на 70-летней итальянке

Netrebko, Eyvazov and Anna’s son Tiago Arua

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Yusif Eyvazov calls Anna Netrebko’s most important love of his life. They met on stage. Opera diva flew to Rome to sing the role in “Manon Lescaut.

“And suddenly I see that my love for the Opera des Grieux — tall, stately, handsome. I love big, strong men to hug and straight — wow! Besides, it turned out that my des Grieux speaks in Russian…” Netrebko said in an interview with “7 Days”.

Anna says that the initiative came solely from her. They gathered quickly. “What are you waiting for?” — wonder diva.

Photo: Scan of an Italian newspaper

But as it turned out, Yusif in that moment, was formally not free. It turns out that when the tenor was only 30, he married with an Italian journalist. This he said in an interview “RG”. Nothing surprising, and the more terrible in that no one saw. However, it is now known that the first wife Eyvazov at the time of the wedding was 70 years old! The difference in 40 years, shocked the Italians. On the forums, in Italy people are sure that it was a sham marriage and Yusif married Adele Ferrari exclusively for Mercantile reasons. “Guess who wanted to get Italian citizenship?” — quoted by foreign journalists of “KP”.

Eyvazov and Ferrari had been married for three years and broke up when the tenor met Netrebko. For Anna’s first marriage beloved was no secret. Moreover, Yousif is still perfectly communicates with his first wife. In her personal blog on the Internet periodically there are photos of Yusif.

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