A set of necessary tools for beginner growers

Набор необходимых инструментов для начинающих садоводов

The garden not only means fruit of the sea and beautiful recreation area, but a lot of effort. To maintain the garden in good condition or to create a new will need several tools. None of the cottagers will not be able to dispense with shovels, rakes and hoes. But if in the area and the garden still need the tools to care for trees and shrubs.

Tools for soil

To facilitate your hard work on plowing, cultivation of land, lately many people buy on Priceok cultivator. Yes, it is a very useful device, but still can not completely replace the shovel. Most often used a spade with a rounded cutting part. It is convenient to dig, make holes. It is more suitable to work with Celina. Bayonet shovel with a rectangular blade is also perfect for this kind of work, but the soil needs to be more soft and loose.

A snow shovel will come in handy for carrying bulk materials, for example during the creation of compost, mulching, putting some sand. The blade of the shovel is better to choose from durable and stainless material — stainless steel or tempered aluminum so it is not bent in the processing of solid ground and was not damaged under the influence of moisture. Another factor that should draw attention — the handle. It should be comfortable and length to match your height. The most popular option is wood.

The following tool can be used as a rake. With their help, collect fallen leaves, dub the earth’s surface after passing shovels, make fertilizer. Rakes differ in the number of teeth and width. The small tools with 7 tines ideal for working in tight areas, wide — for cleaning of open space. The stores also sell rake with replaceable tines plastic. On the one hand very convenient — one tool instead of several, but the plastic is not very durable and not durable.

Instead of shovels also use a garden shovel and a pitchfork. A small scoop of reinforced fiberglass polyamide easy help even on rocky areas. Pitchfork is much easier to get out of the land of long roots, not ruby them into several parts. They are suitable for the aeration of the soil.

The main enemies of any summer resident — weeds. To deal with them will help hoe, cultivator, garden fork, hoe. A distinctive feature of the cultivator is loosening the earth and cutting of weeds without changing the structure of the topsoil.

Watering plants

If the garden is not done watering system, I immediately will need watering. There may be several, but most importantly, if one of the watering cans were used to spray herbicides, do not use it for regular watering. Not all plants are desirable to pour cold water, some need warm water. In the summer, this issue is easily adjustable. Find tank or other container of water and fill them in the evening or in the morning. The day the water heats up and late afternoon can be watered.

Almost around to deliver water to the site using hoses. They are made from rubber and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They can be single layer or of several layers. Single layer PVC react strongly to mechanical effect, they zalamyvayutsya and lose their shape. Multi-layered PVC is more durable, but still they cannot be left under direct sunlight: exposure to UV rays can fade and they become less elastic.

Rubber hoses of elastic, frost-resistant, react poorly to temperature extremes. However, the performance of each of the hose depend on the quality of the rubber used by the manufacturer, also they may contain toxic substances.

When choosing a hose, pay attention to its elasticity, the absence of any creases during coiling and water pressure it can withstand. The value of the pressure in the hose it is better to take a little more. Choose hoses with fitting, so it was easy to connect them to the water. Before you buy be sure vieraita the required length. It is better to buy a couple of meters longer than each time to experience discomfort when it is difficult to reach some places. In addition to the in-going hose removable nozzle for spraying water.

Tools for pruning plants

Trees and shrubs should be regularly trimmed. This is done to maintain a specific shape of the crown, adjust the speed of plant growth, improve fruits and removal of dry branches. Use the following tools:

  • Secateurs — for trimming branches of trees and shrubs. For thick branches take a pruner with long handles.
  • Garden shears for trimming plants.
  • Bow saw — for removing thick branches, which can not cope pruner.

The most widespread use of the pruner, it is worth taking of high-strength materials then it will last for years and will cut off one branch.


At the initial stage, the green thumb necessary implements for tillage, weeding, watering and trimming plants. The above are the necessary tools. As settling of the land, you will be able to decide what else you will need or through the time complete simple tools more sophisticated, for example, a cultivator.

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