Сиквел «Русалочки»: на роль принца Эрика претендует пуэрториканский актер

27-year-old actor Christian Navarro, known on the series “13 reasons why”, wants to play Prince Eric in the sequel “the little Mermaid” from Disney.

After several failed auditions for the role of Prince Eric and denial of the contractor’s Harry styles, Disney apparently decided to move away from the iconic Danish types of the characters of the tale, and wanted to experiment. So, now the main contender for the role of American actor Christian Navarro, who was born in a Puerto Rican. So it will be dark-skinned Ariel ― Latin Prince. By the way, the fame of the young actor brought the role of Tony Padilla in the TV series “13 reasons why”.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

#LatinX #PrinceEric #TheLittleMermaid Just a brief reminder that there’s always another mountain, another goal to strive after, and with your help I’ll keep pushing the limits. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a truly multicultural Little Mermaid?! Fingers crossed beautiful people. Thanks @entertainmentweekly

Does, polirani Christian Lee Navarro (@christianleenavarro) 3 Ver 2019 R. 5:07 PDT

It turns out that the actor have been following the casting of the sequel and was glad to hear that Harry styles refused to try on the role of Prince Eric. That his being considered for the role, Navarro said in his Twitter account. Christian said that he can sing and is willing to audition.

— Disney noticed my message, I saw your (fans — ed.) support and contacted my team! They wanted to see what I can do. Well, the video is sent, fingers crossed— wrote Navarro in his Twitter.

Christian Navarro finally approved for the role, so fans hope that it will appeal to the filmmakers and will make the company Ariel performed by Holly Bailey.

The Director of the remake of “the little Mermaid” will be Robb Marshall. In the upcoming movie will feature original songs and tunes from the “classic” cartoon, released in 1989. Then the cartoon became a hit of its time, with its output connected “Renaissance Disney”.

While it is known the name of only one approved of the actress 19 – year-old singer Holly Bailey, which got the lead role of Ariel. In the Western world, rumor has it that Holly Bailey can also join Melissa McCarthy (Ursula), Javier Bardem (king Triton), Akvafina (scuttle) and Jacob Tremblay (flounder).

We will remind, earlier from the role of Prince Eric refused the singer and favorite of all teenagers Harry styles. The creators of the sequel thought he was like nobody else was approached for the role of Prince, possessing a beautiful voice, cute face and great hair. But, according to the publication Variety, the musician respectfully refused the role without explanation, although he is a big fan of “the little Mermaid”. Sources said that the initial information about the trial Stiles for the role were premature, and that the musician decided to move on.

“The little mermaid” will not be the first remake of Disney’s. A couple of years, the Corporation has managed to “resurrect” “the jungle Book”, “Aladdin”, “beauty and the beast,” “Mary Poppins” and “the lion King”, which became the highest grossing animated film in history, beating the record of “frozen.” But the company is not going to stop. The plans also shooting remakes the cartoon “Bambi”, “Cruella”, “Dumbo”, “Peter pan”, “Tinker bell” and “the sword in the stone”.

It is worth noting that “Disney” will record several iconic family films. Under the scope of the Directors got the legendary Christmas Comedy “home Alone”, a parody which recently took Makkala Culkin, the movie “night at the Museum”, “cheaper by the dozen” and “diary of a weakling”.

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