Сенсационное признание: Анна Седокова скрыла рождение дочери
Several years she kept a personal secret.

Сенсационное признание: Анна Седокова скрыла рождение дочери

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Five years ago Anna Sedokova became a mother, from her ex-husband
Maxim Cherniavsky she gave birth in America, the daughter Monica. It turns out that
throughout this time she has been hiding the date of birth of the baby. According to various
sources birthday Monica indicated on July 24. In fact, the girl was born five days earlier. Only now Sedokova admitted that
2011 it long concealed the fact that already became a mother.

“My little Mo is already 5. And now I will tell you a great
secret. I lied… actually Monica’s birthday, July 19.
Just when she was born, I so wanted to keep this little happiness
within the family, admitted that I only a few days. So we
for three days like 5 years,” revealed a family secret Sedokova.

Anna congratulated with this event and her ex-husband. They
Maxim Cherniavsky continue to communicate after the divorce. Daughter lot of time
conducts with a father who constantly lives in America.

Сенсационное признание: Анна Седокова скрыла рождение дочери

Anna Sedokova with her daughter Monica

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Maxim Cherniavsky with daughter Monica

Photo: @max_la (Instagram Maxim Cherniavsky)

Monica, for example, staying with dad, when her famous mom
is on tour. Sedokova recently visited the home of Emin Agalarov in
Baku summer music festival “HEAT”. Almost all stars of the first magnitude
arrived in Azerbaijan. But the most spectacular was the show Sedokova — not on stage, and in the pool. The singer appeared on the glass platform, hidden under the water, and
the final dive into the water in evening dress.

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