A scandal in the restaurant: his wife had a fight with his wife Parfenova

Скандал в ресторане: жена Шнурова поругалась с женой Парфенова

And all because of a tasteless Burger!

Of course, the whole story has already been publicised in both the Russian capitals can be attributed to a ladies emotional and subjective approach. Because Parfyonov’s wife – Elena Chekalova – itself a pretty famous chef and restaurateur. In Moscow, it belongs to the institution under the catchy sign “Went”. Also, by the way, restaurant, and located in the heart of the capital – at Petrovka 30/7.

It is clear that in a new restaurant Matilda Corded, recently opened in the center of St. Petersburg with a five star hotel W St. Petersburg, Elena Chekalova went with some skepticism, common to all professionals.

Скандал в ресторане: жена Шнурова поругалась с женой Парфенова
Elena Chekalova in his Moscow restaurant “let’s Go”

Скандал в ресторане: жена Шнурова поругалась с женой Парфенова
Opinion of Elena Chekalova about the Petersburg restaurant “KOKOKO”

At least that is evidenced by the record left by Elena on her personal page in Facebook. Attitude from the outset was overly zealous and even jealous.

“Peter advised friends to visit a trendy restaurant – shared. Elena. – Call to book a place – said that everything is full (from the English. full – occupied. – Approx. Woman’s Day). A little surprised: 7pm, weekday. Well, I think I’ll go to a bar sit there and look at it. Coming: an almost empty room. I still do not put saying, everything is booked. Almost by force to sit on the bar, watching. Half an hour later the picture does not change. Meanwhile, Leon scoops (Parfenov – husband of Elena Chekalova, a famous TV presenter. – Approx. Woman’s Day). Fit again to the Manager – we put in a big favor. Say, someone refused. Ordered a bottle of wine are half an hour, then found that it did not. About food even to tell do not want. All dishes returned to the kitchen. When he left, a number of people pulled up, but still had a lot of empty seats. Visible, the most part refused)) In Moscow, alas, too, there are such popular places. Friends, and say: here you have to go to eat well, you need to know that the school is not to get?” – wrote wife Parfenov.

Sorovskogo name of the restaurant “KOKOKO” Elena never mentioned. Others would not understand what it is about him, but here on the page of Elena Chekalova was Matilda Shnurova’s own persona. And started!

“Dear Elena! she said, turning to the wife of a famous TV host. – As the comments you have in the settings is prohibited “not friends”, I will answer you”.

Скандал в ресторане: жена Шнурова поругалась с женой Парфенова
Matilda Shnurova in its newly opened restaurant “KOKOKO”

The harsh response of Matilda Corded in the opinion of Elena Chekalova

And answered. A lot and passionately, that is, “on all points”. For the sake of completeness we present the whole rather lengthy passage Matilda Corded, spelling retained.

“Elena, let the points will understand:

1. Kokoko restaurant a really popular place. And all of our guests know to book a table below to reach us for dinner, even on a weekday. But, unfortunately, the absence of armor happens often and when you see an empty table and you denied it, probably for him, and though expecting a visitor. Up to 40 minutes waiting. Then put guests without a reservation. Sorry to hear about your experience in the restaurant business you are about these things don’t know. You came without a reservation. You have been moved from the bar and is quite fast for a free table. The order you did behind the bar, and had dinner at a table you have already. What do you mean “a big favor”? What is it like?

2. You took an order for wine, which at the time was over. Then I apologize for the fact that the bartender knew nothing about it, you were supposed to warn. It’s our fault. But the new wine you brought in 10 minutes. Half an hour this is a great exaggeration. I looked at the check.

3. All the dishes back to the kitchen? You did not return dishes to the kitchen. You didn’t like the Burger and you not eat it. You approached the restaurant Manager and asked what’s wrong. You said that you do not like cooking. About a flower you said that wasn’t what I expected. But the rest of the food you ate. Beet mousse with Circassian cheese, a tube with a mousse of smoked sprats, ceviche of fish, Burger, flower – your order.

Be honest. If you do not like the restaurant, and write – to g.. a Matter of taste. But why do so much to exaggerate and lie?”

That’s a harsh rebuke from the restaurateur restaurateur. But to go in “KOKOKO” after such a showdown and really got sick. Although beets with Circassia cheese mousse, a tube with a mousse of sprat and smelt of ceviche sounds delicious. Maybe Elena Chekalova just unlucky? Still, worth a try? Waiting for strong men of strong opinions from half of the participants this story: maybe Sergey Shnurov will not let it pass? Or Leonid Parfyonov will share my personal impressions of the visit so indignant on his wife?

In General, it is possible that to be continued. And it will be the men’s duel.

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