A scandal in Cannes: the star of the movie “Taxi” detained by the police with the Ukrainian rights

Скандал в Каннах: звезда фильма «Такси» задержан полицией с украинскими правами
Naseri again broke the law.


One of my favorite actors by Luc Besson, the French Themselves
Naseri was arrested in Cannes. This is not the first trouble Naseri related
in violation of the law. But, fortunately, imprisonment the star of the film “Taxi” are still not safe.

It all started with a banal check of documents. Naseri,
drove the car, claimed his rights. However, requesting their officer demanded that the driver got out of the car. Then he said
Themselves that he’s being held. It turned out that the actor is French driver’s license
the sample showed … Ukrainian! Guardian of order has described this as “managing
a car without a license” and forwarded Naseri in the local police Department.

However, in the plot Themselves still managed to settle the misunderstanding. He explained that he was temporarily deprived of the rights for the French
previous violations. A Ukrainian license for the machine he got when he starred in
film. And since the penalty Naseri has already expired, he would have to exchange their
the right to French. But as it turned out, he was not obliged to do so. French
the laws Themselves may ride on Ukrainian rights till September 2016 as
drivers are required to renew your document within a year from the moment of crossing
the country’s borders. Therefore, the charges of driving without a license was shot with the actor.

Incidentally, this was not the first “visit” Themselves in
police station. Previously, he was involved in other offences. So, in
2011 he was arrested for lewd behavior in a drunken state. In 2013
arrested for participation in mass fight. In 2015 – because, allegedly beat
own ex-spouse.

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