Российский самолет разбился в Сирии The aircraft An-26 while landing at a Syrian airbase Hamim crashed. According to the Ministry of defence, the cause of the tragedy could become a technical malfunction of the liner. Killed 26 passengers and 6 crew members.
Российский самолет разбился в Сирии

March 6, around 15:00 Russian Antonov an‐26 crashed on the Syrian air base in Syria Hamim. On Board the ship were 32 persons: 6 crew members and 26 passengers. They all died. The accident was reported by the press service of the defense Ministry. According to the Ministry, the cause of the crash could be a technical failure of the aircraft.

The aircraft collided with the ground, it reached about 500 meters before the runway. The press service of the defense Ministry said that according to report from the scene of the catastrophe, the impact of fire on the liner was not. At the moment the Commission is examining all possible versions of what happened.

An-26 light military transport multi-purpose aircraft. The liner may be intended for the carriage of goods for small and medium distances. Also be used for the carriage of passengers on folding seats along the Board on altitudes up to six thousand meters.

Российский самолет разбился в Сирии

The crashed plane An-26 was assigned to the 6th army HQs. The liner was based on the Syrian airfield Hamim. The aircraft crashed in 14.51 local time.

We will remind, at the end of December 2016, the Russian Tu-154 plane on a charity mission went from Sochi to Syrian airbase Hamim. After a few minutes after takeoff the aircraft crashed into the Black sea. The tragedy claimed the lives of 92 people. Among the victims of the crash were military personnel ,journalists, artists and famous the Alexandrov choir. The dead were in a hurry to fly to Syria to congratulate the soldiers on the coming New year. The defense Ministry announced the results of the investigation of the crash of Tu-154 over the Black sea

Российский самолет разбился в Сирии

Also on Board the Tu-154 was a famous Doctor Liza. A woman who devoted most of his life helping the needy. She rescued children during the attacks. Members of the choir of the song and dance Ensemble behalf Alexandrov was sent to Syria to give a Christmas concert for the Russian military to support them. A legendary team in one day lost 64 artist of the 186. “Flight, job flight”: the lived, the Alexandrov ensemble

Many colleagues of the dead journalists expressed condolences on social media. Thousands and wrote memoirs about the dead reporters.

“Today was a tragedy, killing 92 people. Usually, when you hear that in the news, you’re sadly sigh and just go on. To do their business. But not when on Board the plane were someone you personally know. Killed our good friend. Even a short acquaintance was enough to understand that Misha is very kind, sympathetic person. This morning he had Breakfast, brushed my teeth and made plans for the future. Here was a man, and no man. Tragedy,” wrote friends of the journalist of NTV Michael Lugetskiy.