Настоящий принц: герцогиня Кэтрин не стала прятать лицо новорожденного сына
Prince William commented on the birth of your baby.

Настоящий принц: герцогиня Кэтрин не стала прятать лицо новорожденного сына

Kate Middleton newborn c


The newborn son of Prince William and Duchess Catherine


Prince William, appearing at the entrance to London’s St Mary’s hospital, where his wife Katherine gave birth to a second son yesterday looked
perfectly happy. He joked, turning to the crowd of compatriots and
tourists gathered to see the first appearance of a married couple with
newborn: “We tried not to keep you waiting too long!” William hinted that Katherine
again gave birth pretty quickly. From that moment on the page Kensington
the Palace was the official message that Kathryn went into labor, and to
the appearance of the child on light it took only 2 hours. However, as we found out
later, in fact, in the hospital, the Duchess was brought with the first
struggles a bit early — around 6 am. So, this time she gave birth
about 5 hours. Recall: the eldest son of Catherine George took to appear on
light 10.5 hours, and Charlotte is only 2.5.

Appearing next to William at the hospital with a newborn
on hand, Katherine looked just radiant. However, the blossoming mind contributed,
partly her attire: for his first appearance with the child the Duchess again
as it was with George and Charlotte, picked an outfit from Jenny Packham juicy red with
white collar. Interestingly, as before, choosing a dress, she gave
tribute to the memory of a beloved mother of her husband, Princess Diana. After giving birth to your
youngest son Harry, Diana’s first
times appeared before the audience in a red outfit decorated with a white collar.

As for the young Prince, he was carefully
wrapped in a white woolen shawl — exactly the same as in his time, and George,
and Charlotte. However, since yesterday, in London was pretty cool, popozirovat with a baby to the press, Kathryn was worried. She turned to William: “I am Afraid that
the baby is not cold!” “Well, now I will be home triple the reason for
worry!” — said William in response.

Curiously, appeared yesterday at the light the young Prince
was the biggest child in the Royal family over the past 100 years.
It weighed about 3 kilos 800 grams. When someone from the audience asked the Prince, as
he and Catherine would call his “hero”, he replied: “You’ll find out soon enough!”