A rape victim of Roman Polanski to appear in court, to protect the Director

Жертва изнасилования Романа Полански явится в суд, чтобы защитить режиссёра

For forty years, does not stop the trial between American prosecutors and directed by Roman Polanski. In 1977, the filmmaker raped a thirteen year old girl, and since then the US government always tries to put him behind bars. Four decades, Polanski is in a personal hell, he can’t freely move around the world not to get behind American bars. The Victim, which has already turned 53 years old, made.. in defense of her rapist. The lawyer of the Novel believes that her government and the court simply “mock Polanski”, and the Gamer has agreed to appear in court and to demand the closure of the case.

“Samantha already she was tired of this case” the lawyer said Polanski. We will remind that else in April the Gamer wrote an open letter to prosecutors and the judge, accusing them of being career. Supposedly none of them never wanted to help her, wanted to restore justice. To take up her case was considered prestigious. Depicting violent activity, they built their career, though in fact they had nothing to do with Samantha. During interrogations, they again and again forced her to relive the rape. It got to the point that their “protectors” she hated more than the rapist.
Samantha believes that Polanski paid enough for his crime, and that it’s time to relieve him of this burden. The gamer will first appear in court to speak out in defense of the Novel, and will insist that the court cease the harassment of the Director.