A quarrel with her husband Aizu Anokhin brought to tears

Ссоры с мужем доводят Айзу Анохину до слез The blogger told reporters of the difficulties faced in the relationship with the current spouse. ISA learned how to cope with difficulties, but still crying during family scandals.

Successful business lady Svetlana Anokhina and has two sons Sam and Elvis. A young mother was married to a Russian rapper by the Body. After divorce the former spouses were unable to forgive each other some resentment. Today ISA happy second marriage with her husband surfer.However, the Internet star still remembers ex-wife, Anokhin even dedicated to the scandalous artist of the song that urged to leave her family alone.

“This Discom I tried to put an end to our relationship. I tried clear and easy to understand to explain to him that we can communicate only on the subject of the son, but not now,” said ISA.

Anokhin has noticed that does not prohibit the ex-spouse to see his son Sam. However, she no longer wishes to communicate and maintain even a friendly relationship with the Body.

According to the young mom, new elect Dmitry often leaves her the head of the family loves to surf. ISA can not leave the capital, the business lady has successfully developed its business. Also, the blogger noted that the distance between her and her husband gives the relationship spark, another plus – each spouse can do whatever he wants.

“Quarrels we have not so much, a couple of times I wrote about this in the social network, but it was, rather, just thinking. We put up quickly, thank God, I immediately, of course, in tears. My only reaction — a lot of tears. I don’t like him to swear, try it as quickly as possible to settle”, – said the blogger with journalists.

ISA admitted that Dmitry is not satisfied with her work schedule. The famous wife is a workaholic and ambitious.

“Was I once a month without a single weekend, when my husband yells at me that I was going home, because we’re late for the plane. And I said to him: “What kind of airplane, I have a job!” He is, of course, did not like and I returned home. So we flew for a couple of days in Portugal. Made this a little rest, forced,” said the blogger edition “PEOPLETALK”.