A priest from the Lipetsk region has created the project “the Voice”

Священник из Липецкой области создал свой проект «Голос» The residents of the village of Dobrinka appeared similar to the popular show. Now with the participation of 24 of the singer and mentor was the Regent of the choir, the priest a novel.

      Священник из Липецкой области создал свой проект «Голос»

      Physician dobrinski clinic Hope Darina completes the reception of patients do not with fatigue, and with a sense of celebration in the evening she will again sing! In October in St. Nicholas Church began rehearsals. In the village are talking, they have their project “the Voice”, because the chorus is, though not the “star” teacher, the priest, as the winner of the previous season of the show hieromonk Photius.

      A difficult decision

      This spring, the Dean of St. Nicholas Church father, Alexander needed a Regent – managing the Church choir. According to the announcement through the Internet, he found 34-year-old priest of Roman Sidorenko.

      “Mom brought me as a child, at the age of 14 I started singing in the choir, – says Roman. – The question of choice of profession is not even standing. First I went to music school, and in his youth became a student of the Department of Opera training of Mos kowski state Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky. Studied for five years, but did not receive a degree. Because, when it came time to practice, I had a trip to Milan. But I have studied in a Seminary. And you had to choose. The decision was difficult! Yes, I dreamed of becoming a singer, but a priest wanted to be even stronger.”

      In Dobrinka the novel started rehearsals with the choir at the temple two weeks before Easter, and the feast on the n face-to-face service all of the members were pleasantly surprised. Soon after, the Regent made in the House of culture at the concert in honor of May 9. Along with a parishioner of the temple Dmitry Donlevy sang the traditional song “Katyusha” and “the Viennese waltz”.

      “After that, people began to approach with requests to teach them to sing. Father Alexander offered me to become a teacher of Church singing in Sunday school at the Church, that I took up in September”, – says Roman.

      A good purpose

      Священник из Липецкой области создал свой проект «Голос»

      Lessons father is a serious teaching singers all parts of the academic vocal – to articulate, to work as a diaphragm, to sing “dome” and so on.

      “The children on the stage is enough to cause tenderness and an adult needs to show the class, convinced the Regent affair. Classes are held in the Sunday school room at the Church. They start at 17.00 and last about an hour and a half. Altos and sopranos rehearse once a week apart from each other, and the second lesson is that common. 12 people are engaged in Church singing, and 12 studying academic and pop vocal singing song Larisa Dolina, Sofia Rotaru, Alexander Marshal, sisters Zaitsevs”.

      Choristers assure that the appearance of the father of the Novel, their lives have changed. Therapist Hope Darlino to the temple brought a problem: a few years ago, she lost her only son. She began to walk to a local Church, the choir sang during the service – and on a shower it became easier. Began practice with father Roman and now sings better than the professionals.

      Another chorus girl – Natalia Maximova, a teacher of geography – seven years ago he retired. At home bored and lonely, wanted “the people”. Music she has always loved, even in his youth played on student nights. Started singing in the choir in St. Nicholas Church. Without professional education for her was not easy. Father Roman after listening said Natalya Grigoryevna wondrous beauty of the viola.

      Nadezhda Tarasova from the village of Plavica hard to find and a minute to rest. Children and adults living separately, and she and her husband farm three cows, calves, poultry, garden – all this takes a lot of time. But rehearsals under the direction of father Roman has not conceded, spouse refers to a fascination with understanding.

      “I came in first time on the job is sitting there with notes! – says Hope. – Sang “Lord, have mercy” and the priest corrects all of them, fifteen times repeated! I think listening more and I’m not seeing t, I was just never able to. And now weekly for 18 miles on our “Zhiguli” at the rehearsal I go!”

      Father in the Novel often have to answer the same question that has been asked Hieromonk Photius during his participation in “the Voice”: if the Church is the speech of the priest on the worldly scene in the same village the House of culture? In fact, it is the hypocrisy that condemns the Orthodox religion.

      “Acting is a mixture of clowning and satire, slapstick, – retorted the priest. – I teach a class in cassock, and when the talk about plastic, about the mask on the face, probably from the outside it looks ridiculous. But a wig and a clown nose I will never wear, a helmet with horns, too, even if I have to sing the Aria of the Viking. Hieromonk Photios I’m not familiar, but the singing heard it. What can I say? He’s probably a nice person and a good father. His vocals are decent, but a Seminary setting. He is more chamber ensembles, and pop songs for his voice next to him. I think the cassock played a role in the victory of Photius. It was something new for everyone: comely young priest and even a monk!”

      Student Regent in one voice say: Photios sings great, no doubt, but their father, the novel is much better! A comparison with the popular vocal project do not like.

      “Can I be in as a participant of the project “the Voice”? – says the priest. – If only group to Alexander Gradsky, Yes. All star mentors he has the most reason to teach, to criticize, to give advice and to judge the abilities of the singers. I respect him: a true professional and talent! But he was not among mentors. But in General I would be more suitable for another the vocal TV project “Grand Opera”.

      The father of the Novel a lot of plans – first performances at concert venues in the City and surrounding villages, after Lipetsk and Moscow.

      “I want to “break the border”, to do what has not happened – said the Regent. – There is no limit to perfection, and even being born and having lived in a remote province, taking the trouble, to surprise the capital, and thunder abroad. We will prepare for participation in various vocal competitions. The desire – go for victory, not just for the sake of participation. There are many festivals and Church choirs – and we will become first.”