Беременную Татьяну Волосожар наградили орденом
Skater boasted of his achievement.

Беременную Татьяну Волосожар наградили орденом

Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar

Photo: @sheksheyev Instagram

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov before was honored. Decree of the Presidium of Council for public awards of the Russian Federation wife were awarded the order of I degree “For professionalism and business reputation”. Photos from the event, the athletes shared on social networks.

Photo: @fire_bird Instagram Tatiana Volosozhar

By the way, recently held the opening of the skating rink on red square. Among the other stars present at the ice party was Tatiana and Maxim. Olympic champion, despite a “decent” period of pregnancy continues to go out on the ice. Volosozhar admitted not long ago that is not going to make a big break in his career. Therefore, even while waiting for the firstborn will be possible as long as possible to maintain its shape. Maxim, in turn, says that while may not notice any dramatic changes in the character of a pregnant wife.

Meanwhile, in February, in a family of athletes should appear daughter. By the way, arrangement of a child’s room in his country house, the pair began almost immediately after it became known about pregnancy Tatiana. The couple just in case, did the repair in two rooms: one is made in blue tones, the other in pink. According to Maxim, it is not excluded that in the future they will decide on one kid. Then the second children come in handy.