Беременная Регина Тодоренко смело садится на шпагат
Presenter and blogger Regina todorenko here for the first time will become a mother.

Беременная Регина Тодоренко смело садится на шпагат

Regina became famous after appeared in the program “heads and Tails” on TV channel “Friday”.

But she not only went solo, but singing in Ukrainian group Real O, several videos can be viewed below.

Беременная Регина Тодоренко смело садится на шпагат

Today Regina admitted that, if the earlier considered herself a “superwoman” who are ready to work day to fly, now is not against to continue to work, but over his family:

“If even 2 years ago I asked the question: “What will you choose:
1. 24/7 work
2. To create a family”
I would say, proudly raising his head : “WORK DAYS”! Because I’m superwoman, ready to vpahivat for ten without a break, because I can be simultaneously in two cities because I can go without food and water as much as required in the survey, and the family is easy) there it was. Only now I slowly realize that the family is in some sense also work 24/7 , and the superwoman – the one that is able delicately to combine family and work. Is there such??? Most of my guests in the show #Patiserries strive for perfection or very close to it. Each of them has its own formula for manoeuvring at home and at work. If you’re wondering how to combine all this , go to the LINK IN the PROFILE). And while I’m in search of this formula , tell me, please, how many hours a day do you spend on relationships-family, how many work, how many on your phone?”,

– wrote in Instagram in Regina reinforced the entry photo from the sports hall, which stretched into the splits.

Well done, even in the final months of pregnancy to forget about sports.

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