Беременная Plus-size модель Тесс Холлидей показала живот

Model with curvaceous Tess Holliday, who in January announced the second pregnancy, showed its round tummy. Now the model plus-size is in the sixth month, and despite the fact that this is the second pregnancy of a woman, says: this time it’s different.

Беременная Plus-size модель Тесс Холлидей показала живот
“Every time I look at my stomach, I ponder what a beautiful female body. Despite the fact that I already have a kid this time is different. I never loved myself, loved my body, and now every movement, every pain for me seems to be something incredible.
I am often criticized, shamed for my body for my shape. But it’s not in my size, but the fact that people are unable to understand: beauty is not restricted by size. I sincerely rejoice in the stretch marks on my growing belly and the little life that’s in me” — written by Tess under the black-and-white snapshot of her belly.

Recall that the eldest son Holliday Riley for ten years. The model gave birth to him from a previous lover. The father of her unborn baby is Australian Nick Holliday, with whom they have been together for four years.


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