Беременная Пинк сфотографировалась полуобнаженной
The singer has shared with fans an intimate photo.


Photo: Instagram.com

Pink is always adored
to shock the audience. And now, when she is expecting her second child, the singer not
could not resist, to not show their new extravagant photo.

Pink, which in the past
month announced that she and her husband Carey HART are expecting their second child,
decided to amuse his fans with his the Topless, which she placed in
his microblog. However, that photo doesn’t look it’s too blatant, his chest, the singer decided to cover up
hands. In the picture you can perfectly see her naked, already heavily
the grown tummy, decorated with hanging ornaments on it that is gentle
hugging her 5-year-old daughter willow. “Snug!” — signed the Pink.

37-year-old singer said that her
daughter is looking forward to the addition to the family. Willow has a long and
consistently prepares for the birth of a younger brother or sister,
practicing to change diapers on dolls. Pink started to prepare the daughter to the fact that
soon she will no longer be the only child in the family from the moment
as soon as he learned that she was pregnant again. “It’s very important to
them had a close relationship like me and my brother Jason. I want my children
become friends for life!” — admitted Pink.