У беременной Ольги Рапунцель начался период гнездования Star telestroke preparing for the birth of his daughter. Olga Rapunzel started to buy baby things. According to the participants of the reality show, she is not afraid to do it before the birth.

Olga Rapunzel prepares to leave. The young woman had already begun to buy things for a future baby. It is now especially sensitive to criticism, so try not to read negativity in social networks. Rapunzel already bought the suit and other outfits for a future daughter. “I’m not going to listen to your dirt and your evil! On my page the reign of love and goodness. Will not allow anyone to hurt me, my family and my subscribers! If you do not like something , pass by! We are preparing to leave and to go home. Naturally, like all future moms, I really want a beautiful statement!” – wrote Olga.

Besides Rapunzel laughs at questions of network users. Some write her, it is time to give birth. For medical reasons, says a participant of telestroke she is okay.

“When our baby she wants and is ready to be a parent, then the face. Each pregnancy is individual, what are you, mommy? You do not know it in time to give birth than not to convey or carry. And know this: I don’t believe in omens, well, these are all superstitions and prejudices. I started to buy everything for your baby in the last stages of pregnancy, and when to do it? With the child then to rush to the shops? No, well if you have, of course, is who can help you, the parent or babysitter, for God’s sake, I’m happy for you, but I think future moms must choose the most beautiful for your little angel, the more is the pleasure to go baby shopping and choose things. We, beremenosti important positive emotions. My Husband also takes part in it”, – said Olga.

Husband of Olga performs everything you want the mother of his unborn child. He was recently on a special class for young fathers. “For myself, I have learned: during pregnancy lays the Foundation of the family – father, mother, child. I’m just glad invaluable experience. I also want to thank my beloved wife for their trust and faith in me. Now I can confidently say we all experience. We are waiting for your crumbs” – shared Dmitry.

Presumably, the pair has already figured out how to call her. They want to find rare name.