A pregnant Marilyn Kerro showed markedly rounded belly

Беременная Мэрилин Керро показала заметно округлившийся живот Estonian witch does not hide changes to the figure. While Marilyn Kerro leads the old way of life and delivers master classes, in spite of an interesting position. Recently, the star of the show “Battle of psychics” went to his native Estonia.
Беременная Мэрилин Керро показала заметно округлившийся живот

Very soon in the life of a 29-year-old Marilyn Kerro will happen the addition to the family. The star of “the battle of psychics” and her partner, the Norwegian carpenter mark Alexander Hansen, in preparation for the birth of the first child. The sex of the baby lovers prefer not to advertise, though fans of Marilyn sure she is expecting a girl, called Aurora. She redheaded beauty prefers not to respond to the discussion of fans.

Recently, Kerro held a series of workshops in Russia. The witch told the audience about the magic stones. After the presentations, Marilyn had gone abroad. Apparently now the young woman is in Estonia — this is evidenced by her picture that appeared on social networks. In the picture Kerro imprinted with a distinctly rounded belly. Marilyn is driving somewhere in the car with her younger sister. It is known that a celebrity loves a girl and often shares staff with her. Every time ignorant people ask whether the baby daughter Marilyn.

Probably, the arrival of kerro in Estonia was associated with her business. Recently in Tartu opened a shop witch sells a variety of exoteric products. The event was attended by a large number of people, but Marilyn has eluded photographers. Perhaps the mystical star of the show doesn’t want to attract too much attention to his situation.

For the first time about pregnancy Marilyn Kerro became known in February. Then the witch laid out in social networks photo, which was a noticeable change in her figure. On the question of the fans about whether or not she is expecting a baby, Marilyn replied in the affirmative. According to the star, this long-awaited baby. Fans of flame-haired beauty immediately suggested that his father — a man named mark Alexander Hansen. It was in his company recently caught Kerro.

Later, Marilyn and her husband, mark, have confirmed the conjectures of the public, giving a joint interview to TV program “One day”. Lovers admitted that he is very happy to become parents. Hansen does not bother the occupation of its second half, and Kerro one of the many tattoos boyfriend. According to the couple, they have chosen the name of the firstborn. “I chose it, and it’s in my head. I can only say that in this name the letter “R” and the letter “a,” said Marilyn journalists. Marilyn Kerro chose the name for an unborn child