A pregnant Marilyn Kerro made a splash with a bright outfit

Беременная Мэрилин Керро произвела фурор ярким нарядом Despite the interesting position, the star of the show “Battle of psychics” continues to lead an active life. Kerro often goes out, communicates with fans and carefully choose the wardrobe. Fans say that pregnancy really suits her.
Беременная Мэрилин Керро произвела фурор ярким нарядом

For a long time Marilyn Kerro hid the pregnancy and new lover. Only recently the star has unveiled the name of the father of the child, he was a Norwegian carpenter mark Alexander Hansen which witch is found here for a long time. According to the psychic, mystic is not played in their relationship any role.

“For me, pregnancy is a miracle. Probably because I waited so long for this, dreamed about it for many years. And when I found out she was pregnant, couldn’t believe it because you don’t feel particularly pregnant. The only tomatoes I wanted,” admitted the witch in a recent interview.

Marilyn is hiding the sex of the baby, but the fans of the project “Battle of psychics” is confident that the red-haired star’s a girl. Also witch relko shares her personal photos with users of the Network. Rare footage with her always cause a stir, fans admire her looks and write many positive reviews.

Беременная Мэрилин Керро произвела фурор ярким нарядом

“Mary, when are you due?”, “You beautiful!” “Mary, you are so cool!”, “Mary, you beauty, one rapture from the photographs,” said fans of witches.

Kerro continues to communicate with the army of fans. The witch, to the extent possible, tries to answer some fans ‘ questions.

“My family is what I Wake up in the morning. For them I try to go to bed early. My dear and beloved, you can write me private messages about your questions, answer is already selectively, since the force was not enough. Remind how to get my help. 1) If you have a problem, question, or any reason to ask for my help, it is not necessary to follow etiquette and ask how I’m doing or to write: “can I ask you something?”. Get started. 2) Make it better so: “Hello, Mary. I have a problem (the problem description). I believe that this is due to the fact, your vision is very important. Can attach a photo of the person who takes part in your issues. 3) Next, I’m going to ask you the right questions and we can start working together on what is bothering you.Any person and especially his fate is a unique and personalized fact in the universe. For any of you, there is no “right” prescription for the attainment of wealth, happiness, love, health. I always work individually with your energy and then watching the reaction that follows my work”, – said the witch.

Kerro reminded, her help pay. Witch explained why for her services, you must pay a small sum of money.

“The sooner you write the sooner we’ll start to solve them. Usually it is 1-2 thousand rubles, the payment is symbolic for my help, but without it I magic use will not, otherwise, you pay not money, but something more valuable, so I’m not working,” said Kerro.

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