A pregnant Janet Jackson for the first time appeared in public

Беременная Джанет Джексон впервые показалась на публике
50-year-old singer soon give birth to her first child.

Janet Jackson

Photo: Instagram.com

The other day a pregnant Janet Jackson, the sister of king of pop Michael Jackson that has not appeared in public for more than five months, broke his seclusion. The paparazzi finally managed to photograph her on the streets of London at the moment
when Janet came out of the boutique children’s clothing. Rumors that Jackson for that
time has gained many pounds over “programs” confirmed — figure Janet
looked more than just solid.

However, it’s not surprising, because, as
claim the pregnant singer isn’t smooth, and the doctors ordered her to rest
as much as possible. The first time it was on strict bedrest. Now
when her condition improved, and the pregnancy is coming to an end, Dr.
let her get out of bed, but she was still forced to move very
little. And since it is also prescribed high-calorie diet, the extra pounds
it was simply inevitable. But just as it is
Janet is now completely not worried, because all her thoughts are focused on
how to safely get the baby.

The news that Jackson is pregnant
spread in the spring, was struck by not only her fans, but friends, no
expecting that the singer will dare to take this bold step. After all, Janet in may of this year
celebrated for 50 years! And the doctors were seriously concerned about the possibility of complications,
due to its age. That’s why the singer and ordered to limit to a minimum
their activity to avoid abortion. However, with the support of family — it is, in the first
turn her husband, Wissam al Mana, whom she married in 2012
Jackson successfully overcomes all the problems. And soon, hopefully, successfully
give birth to her first child.