Беременная Ева Лонгория на премьере комедии «За бортом»

Recently in California premiere of the new movie “overboard” where Eva Longoria has played a major role. On the red carpet of the event the pregnant actress appeared in a dress with a black lace Alberta Ferretti which said star shape. Longoria hair was up in a high ponytail.

Беременная Ева Лонгория на премьере комедии «За бортом»

The makeup was used, the blue shades, and stylists decided to emphasize the eyes use the arrows on the lower eyelids.

Despite the fact that Eva is 8 months pregnant, and she is feeling better than ever. Recently, the star got his own star on the walk of fame for his active charity and career services.

To support the star of the show “Desperate Housewives” came her husband’s Jose Baston and star friends, of which many Longoria, Victoria Beckham, Ricky Martin, Reese Witherspoon, Melanie Griffith and others.

The main event for the actress will be the birth of a baby. March 15, on his birthday, Longoria told about the pregnancy. “I can’t believe this birthday that grows inside me a baby waiting to be born. Thank you all for the congratulations! It was an amazing year. As for the best gift I have received,” wrote Eva in Instagram today.

The birthday celebration Longoria appeared in a slinky black outfit, and at a press conference came in a yellow mini dress. Eva, along with Anna Faris presented to journalists the Comedy “overboard”, which airs on the big screen this spring. Of course, members of the media asked Longoria and questions about pregnancy.

“Women are having children later and later, so I wasn’t worried about their biological clock. Some time near me there was no one. I think children are the fruit of love and partnership,” — said the actress.

Беременная Ева Лонгория на премьере комедии «За бортом»