A pregnant Beyonce was accused of plagiarism

Беременную Бейонсе уличили в плагиате

Pregnancy, Beyonce has become a sensation in social networks. To announce its interesting position the singer decided by posting on his page in Instagram eloquent picture that spoke for itself. In the caption to the photo said about “God’s blessing with twins”, most likely, a boy and a girl, as it turned out subscribers.

The photograph, which depicted pregnant Beyonce has become the most popular Network in history. But as it turned out, the idea for the photoshoot was not original, and plagiarism.

Беременную Бейонсе уличили в плагиате

For a series of beautiful and unusual images entitled with the title “Three hearts” singer is completely naked and stood in a kind of image of Aphrodite with her hair flying in transparent tissues. Later it turned out that the idea of beyoncé borrowed from M. I. A.: the image of the pregnant star almost identical to their pet in the new video for the song “P. O. W. A”.

With the comment about plagiarism already made by the girl herself, noting that it is certainly nice when your work inspires others: “It’s great if my work inspires Madonna, Beyonce or Rihanna! […] But think about it sometimes, maybe it’s worth to pay some dividends?”, — concluded the singer.

Beyonce is so far not commented.

Previously pregnant photos, Beyonce became the basis for the creation of parodies and memes.