Фотография мамы Николая Баскова произвела фурор в Сети
Fans of musician happy with the appearance of his mother.

Nikolay Baskov with mom

Photo: Instagram

Nikolai Baskov, which gives the impression of the most open in the world
man, however, it is rarely “let” in his family: the singer is not divided
news about his relatives, and especially not showing them
. the Joy of fans knew no bounds, when the Basque violated its own
the rules and shared in Instagram photo
which depicted together with his beautiful mom. Her name is Elena.

Followers were delighted with the showy appearance women, how much
the happiness she radiates and looked younger. Some subscribers don’t even
believe that in the frame posing the mother of the singer.

Some fans, apparently, have not read the signature to the frame, and all thought,
that Nicholas presented a new lover or a secret sister. “How’s your mom?
Really like the same age with you”, “I thought the bride!” commented
photo Baskov subscribers. While some fans of the singer asked, what is the secret
young Helena, others discussed who like the artist. Netizens
the thought that Nicholas had inherited the looks from his father Victor.