A physician from the Stavropol region has died after surgery breast augmentation

Врач из Ставропольского края скончалась после операции по увеличению груди The inhabitant of Pyatigorsk decided to improve the shape of the breast. 45-year-old Inna M. went under the surgeon’s knife to improve the appearance. After the surgery, the woman spent in an unconscious state for over two months.
Врач из Ставропольского края скончалась после операции по увеличению груди

In late February, an obstetrician-gynecologist from Pyatigorsk I. V. M. went into surgery in a public hospital in the nearby town of Zheleznovodsk. According to a doctor friend, she wanted to enlarge Breasts for the sake of aesthetics. On 24 February she had surgery, and after a few hours the medical staff of the clinic noticed that the woman a few minutes of not breathing.

Valeria the sister of the deceased said the “StarHit” that is now engaged in the funeral. Cousin Inna Victorovna said, as doctors tried to save her.

“She has a coma I degree, with open eyes. It is a diagnosis. In Zheleznovodsk she spent 1 day, then in Pyatigorsk was taken. From 25 February to 6 April she was in there… From April 6 to 27 it was in the suburbs, “Federal scientific-clinical center of emergency medicine and rehabilitation”. The other day she was dead. Tried to save and in Pyatigorsk, and in the suburbs. All this time she was lying in intensive care,” – said Valery.
Врач из Ставропольского края скончалась после операции по увеличению груди

According to a friend women, the plastic surgeon told her that the patient had stopped breathing already in the house. According to another version, after the operation the nurses noticed that Inna was not breathing when he carried her down the hall. “On the way to the house… then they called from the second to the fourth floor of the resuscitator, he gave her first aid. Native talked with the anesthesiologist, she had all the tests were perfect! She’s really passed,” said a friend of the woman.

“Her doctor was Kalchenko Mikhail, he said that the operation was successful, then she came to herself. They talked, what you can eat, drink and so on… But for some reason it was put in gynecology, but not in the intensive care unit after surgery,” said a familiar Inna Victorovna.
Врач из Ставропольского края скончалась после операции по увеличению груди

According to friend Inna Victorovna, Kalchenko long been conducting operation in the city hospital of Zheleznovodsk. Admitted as a friend of the deceased, the doctor was friends with a plastic surgeon and his family.

“He did many… She is in an unconscious state was on Feb. As I explained to the doctors while she has been in a coma she started the brain swelling is when it is not receiving oxygen. A man is in a coma, then she started to open my eyes! But not heard, not seen, the brain is not filed with the impulses…” – said a friend of the deceased.

According to a close friend of the deceased, she was hiding from colleagues and friends that preparing for breast augmentation surgery. The woman said: Inna – very well-known obstetrician-gynecologist in the district.

“Her 44 years in July was about to turn 45… Operation cost 160 thousand rubles. For the Caucasian Mineral Waters – is a large amount. The doctor seems to be now, scared, shocked. Inna with his wife, incidentally, also a gynecologist, talked, friends. All the doctors… any Document not given to the relatives, because of Inna in the contract does not have agents. She didn’t want anyone to know about it”, – said a friend.

Now relatives want justice so that others do not fall in this situation. “They do feel great… No reactions. It’s very strange, but in any case we will restore justice. Yes, we lost… But at least others will not suffer. In General, we will go on the end. They have different versions of what happened: we were lucky and happened, then the house. Why is she in the house was one? Why was she here? A million questions, and no answers. And if the respiratory arrest was up to four minutes she would be running around and not lying in a coffin. Fully refusal in criminal case no. There is tightened from-for carrying out of additional examinations. There is a trial. We wrote in Stavropol, and Moscow”, – said the sister of Inna.