A nuclear physicist from Washington was “Miss USA — 2017”

Физик-ядерщик из Вашингтона стала «Мисс США — 2017″

This weekend, while the eyes of Europe were chained to the Eurovision song contest, America chose the most beautiful girl of the country. The contest “Miss USA” was held on may 14 in Las Vegas and ended with unexpected results. Won a 25-year-old girl from Washington Kara Mackellar, which was not only beautiful, but also smart – she works in the nuclear regulatory Commission and the U.S. a nuclear physicist.

In addition, the newly minted miss USA started a program for teaching children and enhancing their scientific knowledge. Kara was born in Naples and moved to the United States, when he was a teenager. She became the seventh winner of the contest who was not born in the United States.
Second place went to the representative of the new Jersey chavi’s the Verge, and the third is Meredith gold, representative of Minnesota.
However, this result now it is possible not to be surprised – last year the winner of the contest was Deshaun Barber, officer of the American army.