A new “van Helsing” takes in the modern world

Нового «Ван Хелсинга» перенесут в современный мир

Screenwriter John Spratt, who is working on a new interpretation of the “van Helsing”, said that in the remake the main character will be in a completely different time era, namely, in the present. Unlike other Universal remakes, where the characters continue to save the universe and people in a familiar original conditions.

“It’s a brand new creation that little associated with previous films. But from the original character by Bram Stoker – the doctor investigating a strange medical phenomenon – this character will also differ.
It is still the same monster hunter with an encyclopedic knowledge, but he will live on in our time, and the more I thing about it I can not tell” — said the writer.
Earlier, Sprats worked on “Dr. Strange” and “Prometheus.”