A new twist: Jolie asks aniston to help her divorce from pitt

Новый поворот: Джоли просит Энистон помочь в разводе с Питтом

While brad protect friends and relatives, Angelina decided to enlist the support of his ex-wife…

Yeah… This we did not expect! The lawyers of Angelina Jolie appealed to Jennifer aniston, so that she would testify against brad pitt in the court, spoke about his addiction to alcohol, narcotic drugs and outbursts of anger.

I wonder will this Jen?

Новый поворот: Джоли просит Энистон помочь в разводе с ПиттомAngelina Jolie
Jennifer Aniston

It is noteworthy that aniston was married to pitt for five years, until in 2005 on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” met Jolie. Brad immediately went to a new friend, and Jen filed for divorce, which, by the way, was really hard for her.

Familiar stars of “Friends” said that she became depressed and refused to work. It is unknown what would have ended this story if Jennifer turned to yoga and spiritual practices. Gradually, the actress began to return to the movies, and in 2011 met Justin Theroux, whom she married in 2015.

All this time aniston had no communication with the former spouse or his new wife. Then she and Jolie turned to her for help. Yes, what! Help her to deprive brad of custody of children. It seems that the situation is bad… yesterday it became known that the actor publicly stood up by his girlfriend Melissa Etheridge and… a former nanny of Angelina Krisann Morel (read more HERE).

In addition, pitt voluntarily passed the test for the presence in its organism of alcohol and illegal drugs and… was completely clean! Read HERE.

Currently, Angelina Jolie has received temporary sole custody of their six children, pitt and forbids him to see them. Moreover, the actress has rented a house from ex-wife of Charlie sheen Denise Richards in a closed Rheine Malibu.

Celebrity also plans to bring tattoo dedicated to brad.

“Tattoos mean a lot to Angie, each of them has its own meaning. Unfortunately, tattoo removal for reasons caused by the parting with the men already in her life. And yet again she decides this and wants to find the wizard as quickly as possible. The pain of her did not care,” he told reporters close to the Jolie source.