A new twist in the case of the paternity of Vadim Kazachenko

Новый неожиданный поворот в деле об отцовстве Вадима Казаченко
The results of the DNA examination.

Vlad Romantsova

Photo: Social networks

On the eve it became known that Vadim Kazachenko was grown-up illegitimate daughter. Live in Studio “Let speak” there was a girl Vlad, who announced to the whole country that as a child she learned from her mother that her father is a famous singer. And this story could end up like dozens of others, when the fans attributed novels with your favorite artists. That’s just conducted a DNA examination showed that the young person is indeed a relative Kazachenko…

According to the story of Vlad, her mom happened a fleeting affair with Vadim during his tour. She found out about it being a first grader. Two years ago, Vlada mother died, after which she went in search of his putative father. She declares that she does not need financial help and expects nothing in Vadim will accept her with open arms. The illegitimate daughter Kazachenko just wants dad to know about her existence and was proud of her.

Vadim the filming of the program took no part, so to establish the paternity of the actor helped his wife Olga Kazachenko. This year she gave birth to a son, whom the singer, by the way, does not recognize. In result of the conducted research it can be argued that Vlad and little son Vadim with a probability 94,88% are brother and sister. So it turns out that 54-year-old Vadim over the past year, twice became a father.

Recall that between Vadim and Olga ongoing legal showdown. In the temple of Themis considered the suit Kozachenko to his wife about “illegal enrichment.” Vadim, according to Olga, requires the return of all the money he spent on her during the relationship, and even with interest. “I want to remind you that these proceedings are being initiated Kazachenko long before my exit on TV!” — shared the news of Olga.