Новый поворот: Брэду Питту грозит тюрьма за избиение детей

Today it was announced that Hollywood actor opened a criminal case for cruel treatment of children.

West TMZ writes that before Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, brad pitt is allegedly in her eyes screamed at their children, and then came to blows. This was the last straw in their relationship.

The incident occurred during a flight in Los Angeles. On Board pitt had behaved inappropriately: “yelled, insulted and beat the children, and upon landing he continued to sort things out.

According to the journalists, Jolie and pitt have already given testimony to the police, and soon the specialists will interview their six children.

It is also reported that brad denies the accusations, but Angelina doesn’t want to comment.

Earlier the lawyer of the actress said that his client wants to be the sole guardian of the children, but will allow brad to participate in their upbringing.

Recall, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce on September 20. “This decision was made for the well-being of family members. She would not comment on the decision and asks that the family was granted the right to secrecy of private life in this period”, – said the representative of the actress.

However, the secrecy of private life has not turned out. Brad pitt couldn’t resist and expressed his opinion about divorce with Jolie. “I am very saddened by all this, but the only thing that really matters is the welfare of our children”, – reads the statement of the actor, which was published in People magazine.

Comment on the parting of Brangelina and pitt ex-wife Jennifer aniston. “It’s her karma,” she said in the address of Angelina Jolie.