A new trailer of the film “Fantastic creatures and their habitats”

Новый трейлер фильма «Фантастические существа и места их обитания»

A new film whose plot is based on the work of JK Rowling, will be released in November this year. To warm up interest of spectators for this event the creators of the picture decided the publication of the new trailer.

Recently in the Network was presented the first promotional video of the film “Fantastic creatures and their habitats”. Earlier it was told that the events of the film are sort of both a prequel and a Spino-from events of the franchise “Harry Potter”, which means that it is associated with beloved history. In the trailer it is also decided to remind – there is one of the main characters of the “Harry Potter”, the Director of the school of witchcraft and wizardry “Hogwarts” Albus Dumbledore.

Overall the plot of the film will be based on the story of a student of the Hogwarts Suite Scamander, which on the screen will embody Oscar-winning Eddie Redman.

The film is set in new York 1920-ies. According to the trailer, the hero of Redmayne excluded from “Hogwarts” but Dumbledore, he “likes”.

By the way, “Fantastic creatures and their habitats”, as previously admitted Rowling was intended to be a trilogy. I hope she will be able to become competitive with the main “potteriany”.

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