A new tool against bad breath

Новое средство против неприятного запаха изо рта

According to statistics, every second inhabitant of Russia is faced with the problem of bad breath. The most common causes of halitosis (the scientific name for unpleasant breath) – dental disease and periodontal disease (85%), and poor hygiene. How to care for your teeth, that breath remained fresh for a long time?

Almost all cases of bad breath are associated with particular types of bacteria, which form volatile compounds with unpleasant odor. Contribute and odorous foods: onions, garlic, alcohol and tobacco. Neglect of oral hygiene leads to a delay in the oral cavity of food debris – they also create a favorable environment for the growth of pathogenic microbes. Remember, because this happened more than once: you ate a sandwich or salad with garlic, and then colleagues and friends try to get you a party. Interestingly, the person does not suffer from this problem – our body is designed in such a way that olfactory receptors do not catch their own bad breath, but for others it becomes a real problem. Communication without the complexity and confusion will be possible, if you choose the right toothpaste. For example, Colgate Total Pro – Healthy Breathing, which is over 12 hours struggling with unpleasant mouth odor that can not afford other pastes.

Included in the Colgate Total Pro – Healthy Breathing particles neutralize odors caused by sulfur (sulfide) and nitrogen (amines) compounds. Technology ON12 Complex helps eliminate persistent odors, including those from the “dangerous” foods. Coupled with this useful feature pasta perfectly protects against caries, plaque and Tartar buildup, fights bleeding gums, thinning or darkening of the enamel and tooth sensitivity. In total with a single product it is possible to solve 12 problems! It remains only to assess novelty in action.

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