Новый этап отношений Дженнифер Гарнер и Джона Миллера

Новый этап отношений Дженнифер Гарнер и Джона Миллера

Hollywood actress Jennifer garner and her boyfriend, businessman John Miller had moved to a new stage of their relationship. John, who owns a chain of fast food in Los Angeles, decided to introduce Jennifer to his parents. He proposed to the actress invited his mom and dad over for dinner, and garner refused. As they say insiders, parents are not only left in awe of the bride’s son, but still was able to appreciate her ability to cook.

The relationship Jennifer and John have been ongoing for nearly two years, but do not develop as rapidly as we would like the fans. Primarily, this is because young people have quite a tough schedule, and they are both formally in marriage. Jennifer broke up with her first husband back in 2015, but the process of dissolution of the marriage lasted for 3 years. The pair shared property peacefully and have agreed on the termination of their relationship. Garner did not hurry with the divorce, as her husband was in a prolonged depression and alcohol dependence. She was afraid that the trial would harm his health even more, and it will finally sink to the bottom. The girl waited while her husband held a course of treatment in the clinic and only then filed papers for divorce. With her words, she wanted their kids to see a happy and healthy father, not the alcoholic.

Immediately after the official divorce, Jennifer said openly that he is in a relationship with John. Miller was trying to divorce his wife and the mother of two children Caroline Campbell. Their lifting process can not be called simple and fast. Within two years the former spouses could not agree on how they split custody of the children.

After Jennifer and John told the public about their relationship a year had passed. All very interested in the question of why so far they have not introduced their children to each other. So, dinner with Jennifer’s parents, John’s a huge step in their relationship, emphasizing the seriousness of the intentions. Perhaps soon we will know details about their upcoming wedding. And fans say that Miller began to take some steps because of the jealous ex-husband. After all, the father of the children garner has become frequent guests, and even bought a house in the same neighborhood with my ex-wife.

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