A new scandal with “Victory”: on Board were not allowed a child with cerebral palsy

Новый скандал с «Победой»: на борт не пустили ребенка с ДЦП The mother with two year old baby was denied registration on the flight. The case was so serious that the Federal air transport Agency has taken all measures to investigate the situation. This is not the only incident in which appeared the airline “Victory” for the last time.

      Новый скандал с «Победой»: на борт не пустили ребенка с ДЦП

      Last weekend at the airport “Vnukovo” scandal broke. To register for the flight Moscow-Ekaterinburg approached the mother with two year old child. However, the airline refused to let the family on Board due to the fact that the child suffers from cerebral palsy Central. Despite the fact that the woman talked about the ailment when you buy a ticket, the airline officials referred to the fact that their system allegedly failed. They suggested that the mother with a small child an alternative is to depart on another flight the same morning. However, in this case, the family would have to go to the other end of Moscow to the airport “Sheremetyevo”. The scandal erupted with such force that did not go unnoticed to the Federal air transport Agency. Representatives of the office began its review.

      “Rosaviatsia deems it necessary thoroughly to understand the causes of the incident. With the involvement of Supervisory authorities Rosaviation will check the causes and circumstances of this disgraceful case, which is unprecedented in the background of the efforts being undertaken by public organizations, the government of the Russian Federation and Federal Executive authorities on creation of barrier-free, comfortable environment for persons with disabilities”, – said in a statement.

      After a time, the airline “Victory” said the head of ground security would be dismissed in connection with the situation. In their opinion, the employee was obliged to do everything possible to provide for the transportation of a child suffering from illness.

      According to preliminary investigation it is known that the mother and child arrived two minutes before the registration closed. It is reported that the staff was not able to provide transportation for baby so not to delay the departure of the aircraft.

      I must say that aviacompania “Victory” is not the first time it appears in the center of the scandal. 20-year-old volleyball player was removed from the flight because of the high growth