Новый скандал в семье Жанны Фриске: отец и муж покойной певицы опять делят имущество
Dmitry Shepelev appealed to law enforcement agencies.

Новый скандал в семье Жанны Фриске: отец и муж покойной певицы опять делят имущество

Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske

Photo: Alexander Mudrats/TASS

Dmitry Shepelev went to the police station in the Western
Degunino. The TV host filed a statement in which he wrote that the unknown
attackers try to sell the car, once owned by his late
wife Jeanne Friske. The legitimate heir of the machine are it and shared with
the late singer’s son — five-year-old Plato.

Telegram-channel Mash notes that the 2013 car for sale
through the Internet has exposed the father of singer Vladimir Friske, who claims that
bought it to Jeanne in honor of the birth of a grandson and wants to change it, as the car already
old — 2013 release.

Vladimir Kopylov

Photo: the Frame of the program “million dollar Secret”

We will remind, the conflict between the parents Friske and Dmitry
Shepelev began immediately after the death of Jeanne. It is worth noting that in December
last year Vladimir Kopylov tried to make peace with the former son-in-law. He was thinking,
that can make
in order to easily communicate with his grandson. Judicial
the requirement that the Friske family needs to meet the boy, Shepelev,
as we know, not always regularly observes, and threats is not responding. In
the result, relatives of the singer in months not see the grandson. Kopylov said that
Shepelevo is ready to give the gift of half of the 400-meter mansion, which Vladimir
inherited after the death of her daughter. Now there is no one living. Shepelev worked
repair in the house during the life of Jeanne and she dreamed to be there to live with her after her
recovery. After the departure of the artist he had planned to enter there with Plato, but
continuous scandals with family Friske broke his plans. The mansion is a lot
empty for years, and Dmitry with his son huddled in a small rented apartment. However,
this step on the part Kopylova was preceded by another: Vladimir gave a controversial interview about the life of Jeanne and Dmitry in the show
The “secret” one million, after which Shepelev, already disliked
his wife’s parents, decided to ignore them.