A new round of war: amber heard has filed a lawsuit against johnny Depp

Новый раунд войны: Эмбер Херд подала в суд на Джонни Деппа
The actor is trying to avoid payment of amber’s compensation in the divorce.

Новый раунд войны: Эмбер Херд подала в суд на Джонни Деппа

Amber Heard

Amber heard, which has been the lawful wife of johnny Depp just
15 months before she filed for divorce, was going to sue the actor. The thing
the fact that Depp still has not transferred $ 7 million – the amount promised to them
Heard as compensation. More precisely, he gave a total of 200 thousand, and further
payment of “frozen”. And charitable organizations that amber had pre-committed
donate the whole amount, still waiting for her… This information was reported online edition

On the payment of 7 million Depp has agreed with Hurd,
to resolve the scandal that erupted after she accused him of beatings.
Reached in August the agreement was executed properly and necessarily
for execution. However, there is one subtlety: when the document is signed amber
gave a subscription to disclose further details of his life with johnny.

Meanwhile, over the last
time heard made a number of public speeches on the theme of “home
violence,” which allowed husbands against their wives. So, in the December issue
magazine Porter Magazine was published her open letter in which amber
calling all women victims of marital assault, report it
open. “You can suffer behind the closed doors of your home, but I want
to remind you that you are not alone in this world. You only need to have the courage
and say about your problem openly, that is to start telling the truth. It
allowed me to escape from behind closed doors, when I found myself in a similar
situation. But you should be prepared to ensure that your recognition is
compassion and respect are at first greeted with hostility and skepticism. And your abuser will justify and
to shield!” — I wrote to Hurd in his message.

And although she did not directly
mentioned the name of Depp in this letter, his lawyers believe that the hint turned out
more than transparent. In other words, according to lawyers of johnny, amber violated
the terms of the agreement with Depp. Amber in its lawsuit alleges that Johnnie does not fulfill its obligations. But on whose side will be in this matter, the court —
time will tell.

Amber heard and johnny Depp