A new revolution: petition against pop stars gaining popularity

Новая революция: петиция против звезд эстрады набирает популярность
A well-known blogger struck Kirkorov and Baskov.

Nikolay Baskov

The Russians, oklemalas from the boisterous celebrations of the New year, began discussions “ended” blue lights. And if what happened in new year’s eve on the First channel viewers are left satisfied, then the festive program of the TV channel “Russia-1” disappointed many people.

After last year’s scandal with the signed petition, Konstantin Ernst still made a noticeable change in the format of the Christmas show. The action took place on the street, and in addition to the channel’s management was invited to “new year’s eve on the First” a lot of young artists. But “Russia-1” did not change format: the same stars with sparklers in hand for the same tables, decorated with tinsel… the Blogger who has achieved change to the First channel, now took over the “Russia-1”. The Network has issued a new petition to the TV station to make changes in the blue light next year.

“This year I would like to appeal to the leadership of the TV channel “Russia-1″. You are from year to year do not change their Christmas mesh. Your new year’s broadcast flashed the same faces, the same images and jokes. The impression is that Baskov and Kirkorov became Your calling card that You stood somewhere in the distant past, and against their fellow broadcasters do not want nothing to change. It’s time to change the format on Your channel! That unbridled joy is not in line with what is happening at the holiday tables in Russia as a whole! People turn off televisions or intentionally switch Your channel to any other, because you know in advance that You are no surprise!” — reads the petition.

Recall that last year’s petition has hit hard the reputation of Alla Pugacheva, which tried “to expel” from the ethers “blue lights”. And yet, despite the scandal, the Diva is still there on the First channel in new year’s eve and presented a new song “I fly.” Now the blow will withstand Kirkorov and Baskov. The petition has already been signed by more than six thousand people.