Новые отношения Анны Седоковой довели её до нервного срыва
The singer complained of a tough life.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

The other day Anna Sedokova
admitted that is now in an unstable psychological
condition. And to blame for the daily turmoil, and, as I suspect
the fans, the difficulties in the relationship with her new boyfriend.

“So I would
I wanted to ask! Why do some people all
goes as well and peacefully? While others, every day is… Like this
cultured to say… Adventure! It
what we do not have?” — asks Anna. As it turned out, to
to calm the raging nerves, Sedokova, by her own admission,
was forced to take a dose of sedative. That brought
the performer in such desperate Straits, Anna admitted. But
most likely, we are talking about a new boyfriend whose name is the singer yet
keeps a secret.

That pop stars have a new
love interest fans suspected a couple of months ago. Almost
immediately after her breakup with dancer Sergei Romanovym in microblog
Anna began to receive pictures of gifts from a mysterious friend. The apotheosis
among them was a magnificent bouquet of roses which “growth” was higher Sedokova.

Incidentally, not so long ago the singer was under droppers,
however, for a different reason. Because of too busy schedule
appearances Anna has broken a voice. In order to recover her
had a few hours to spend in the treatment room.

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